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The Pencil Circle is an independent Publishing House and Art Studio

that focuses on the creation of Inspirational, Innovative, Educational, and Entertaining contents in the field of Art.

Our Activity Books and Art&Craft Workshops are designed to stimulate self-exploration and self-expression,

encouraging imagination, creative thinking, and positive mindset. 

Based in Santa Clara, CA.

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Giada Conte is an artist and visual storyteller, creator of Flora Makes Me Smile.


Through the curious eyes of her little cartoon character Flora, in a tiny happy world full of colors and adventures, her hand-drawn illustrations capture simple moments of everyday life, with the mission of spreading positivity and kindness, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Traveling with a portable Art Room and her signature program 'Experience Art with Flora', Giada hosts classes, workshops, and pop-up events for families, groups, and individuals of all ages.

"I spent most of my childhood drawing and devouring coloring books, I literally could have kept doing it all day. All days.

Then on and off throughout my entire life, knowing that my imagination would always be the happiest place to land.

At the beginning of July 2022 I brought that place to life.

A space where I belong, where so many pieces of me come together, where a pencil and a smile are the same.

Pencil is for writing, and drawing, a basic tool to capture thoughts and express creativity. The concept of 'living life in pencil' means to be open, curious, and free to experiment, making room for 'mistakes' as learning opportunities. 'Circle' is to reflect the idea of Community and Togetherness, Hug and Protection, but also a symbol of the Self as a Whole".

Click on the pdf to learn more about Ms. G 
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