Every Creativity Experience is a 1.5-hour event shaped around a theme of your choice and includes two parts:

1. One part of ART APPRECIATION: you're going to look at one or more masterpieces from art historyanalyzing elements of art/principles of design and exploring the artworks through sensorial and interactive activities.

2. One part of ART MAKING: a creative activity involving Flora's adventures.

You'll be completing one page from the book 'THINK, SKETCH, AND SMILE WITH FLORA', working on your sheet individually and sharing thoughts, ideas, materials... with the group.

The copy of the book you'll be working on will be provided and included as a complimentary Creativity Experience material.

Here's a sample of a FUTURE WORLD Creativity Experience (Art Appreciation activities may vary):


By looking at works of art, making art, and getting engaged (with all their senses) in art-centered activities, in these Experiences everyone will find a safe space for being inspired, and inspire. The program 'Experience Art with Flora' might include Music, Literature and Storytelling, Mindfulness, Visual, Creative, Symbolic and Critical Thinking, Drawing, Painting, Hands-on activities, Games, Performing Arts, Poetry, Natural Elements, Recycled Materials, and more! Young and adults will be fully immersed into a colorful atmosphere of Joy!


The methodology by which these experiences are developed incorporates parts of various strategies (Montessori, VTS, SEL, among others), alongside pieces from my own journey as an artist, art educator, museum docent, and theatrical set/prop/costume designer.

WHO: Ages 5 and up - suitable for same age/mixed age groups, classroom settings, community/family events, parties, organizations...

WHERE/WHEN: The portable Art Room could pop up at any time, anywhere!

Choose your theme from this list of 50 words, and then click the button below to fill out the form and get your quote!

All supplies will be provided.